Love Is Enough

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

One of the attributes of God Almighty is “Al-Wadud” which means “the one who loves us all”. There is never a day when we are not confronted with the word “love” or it is not referenced about.

This is not a defect that is considered nowadays, it is a pure passion that requires living and pure hearts and a beautiful path upon which the high walls of hatred are demolished and Love is Enough to do that.

A few years ago, my perception about love was very…

Two Minutes of Wanting to Read it Again

Photo by Henrique Sá on Unsplash

He tried every possible way to shake off the thoughts that had bothered him from last one hour.

A collection of memories flushed through his mind, reminding him of “someone” he had spent some quality time with.

Whatever he was left with now, he knew those were the best few…

Fakhar Shabir Malik

Dr.2 be , Writer, Singer. Observations based upon unbiased mindset are a blessing. People need not hear made-up stories, reality attracts em more, Lets be real.

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