A Reunion episode of, one of the most iconic sitcoms of all times called FRIENDS happened recently, and all the cast for the first time in more than a decade was together to show us how this sitcom had changed their lives once and for all.

Even this sitcoms started few years before me and most of my friends were born but, everyone has heard of it and almost everyone has watched it.

Some Crazy STATS about the show;

According to the host of Reunion special, Mr. …


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The situation is as serious s it gets, the courage is broken before a step is taken, steps are heavy ,eyes are raised towards the sky but eyelids drop due to an overwhelming regret ,hearing seeks to hear the words of hope but the words are dripping with fear, the taste buds want to compliment this delicious fruit but the senses are not answering, hands dare to rise up for a prayer but are unable because the words cannot reach my lips due to uncertainty.

I can see a bird sitting on a poplar…

Let’s Become Uncategorized Humans and Live a Happy Life

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WE live, WE share, WE celebrate, Sometimes WE argue and fight. But at the end WE die but those left behind mourn us and this is what life is all about.

We set our standards so high that even we cannot see eye to eye to any person sitting next to us in a public transport. We demand justice, hold rallies, organize protests, make speeches, show intent but cannot swear upon any Holy book in any system of our courts with satisfactory consciousness while standing in a witness box for a trial. …

Love Is Enough

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One of the attributes of God Almighty is “Al-Wadud” which means “the one who loves us all”. There is never a day when we are not confronted with the word “love” or it is not referenced about.

This is not a defect that is considered nowadays, it is a pure passion that requires living and pure hearts and a beautiful path upon which the high walls of hatred are demolished and Love is Enough to do that.

A few years ago, my perception about love was very wrong . In my opinion, it was nothing more than a mere illusion. Thinking about love was like a horror show for me.

Then I agreed to travel by metro bus in Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) with some of my friends.

My intention was to return soon. I had to…

We are not that overwhelmed at all

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The people who were present in the beginning of the times didn’t wear clothes because it was least of their worries.

The times took a turn and a lot changed, in present day world much more is spent on clothes than on food. In fact when we visit an expensive restaurant the bill we pay there, is for the show and the setup they have over there, food is least of their worries I think . I am not implying that their food isn’t good, I am just saying maybe it isn’t worth the amount we pay for it.

Now lets focus on the reason of this talk here. In our everyday life we have to face a lot of different things plus the people.


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I know I haven’t been able to say it to your face ,I know I have been avoiding you for the reasons I can explain. And I know this pandemic has tested you a lot lately.

But, I promise you the next time I see you, and I am very much hopeful that, that time will be very soon enough,

When I will be able able to say yeah stranger, I’ve Missed You.

I have missed your laugh echoing in the park I used to go for a jog, I missed you screams at a football match, I have missed…

Something in the Rain showing the nature at its best

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Not a day day goes by we are not fascinated by the nature and weather due to a little rain today is no different, All the wonders we are blessed with ,make our every day beautiful. Even if we feel sad, we always find peace in the lap of mother nature.

For instance, after reading this, close your eyes feel like you are waking alongside the bank of a canal, feel the sun hidden behind the clouds such that its rays hardly make it to the ground, gentle breeze after passing through the smooth but wavy surface of the canal…

Expecting The Unexpected And Living The Way We Mean It

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Everyday One thing not in the news but going on in our lives is the following statement overshadowed by our utmost emotions;

"I didn’t expect this from them, it is painful what they did to me, I wish I would’ve never known them."

It is but a point to ponder upon, what really goes in our mind when we expectedly expect something from people.

Three Questions We Should Ask Ourselves?

Q#1.Is it thinking about that people should be exactly the same way we want them to be?

Q#2.Is it about being the ones not knowingly ready for anything we should’ve been?

Q#3.Or is it just a…

Two Minutes of Wanting to Read it Again

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He tried every possible way to shake off the thoughts that had bothered him from last one hour.

A collection of memories flushed through his mind, reminding him of “someone” he had spent some quality time with.

Whatever he was left with now, he knew those were the best few years of his life, and he couldn’t ask more from it, but such was the irony of the situation that it was all in the past, yet he was satisfied to have those years a part of his life.

“Past" is what made him smile for a bit after an…

What we have doesn’t make for it

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You know we are advanced now , having all those games, all those wonderful features in our cell phones, we have Snapchat filters that make our complexion complexes go away, we have Facebook that helps us post feeling happy, we have twitter that helps us tweet stuff that makes us feel as if we are the answer to everything wrong with the system.

And if I start mentioning everything else we have, well it might take from days to weeks to brag about the things we are “ Blessed with".

But on the contrary lets remember what defined our ancestral…

Fakhar Shabir Malik

Dr.2 be , Writer, Singer. Observations based upon unbiased mindset are a blessing. People need not hear made-up stories, reality attracts em more, Lets be real.

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